Poster Presentation Award at IENE (infra Eco Network Europe)2016

We attend IENE2016 conference in Lyon, France, on the 30th of August to the 2nd of September, 2016. There are about 450 participants from 44 countries. We presented posters of animal pathway for global spreading and won 1 poster awards out of 2.
South Korea and Tanzania participants show strong interests to our presentation. We expect to see in the further development of animal pathway.


Syusaku Minato at University of Lyon 3


IENE2016 is held at University of Lyon


Sign for IENE2016


Poster Presentation


Syusaku Minato present Poster


Lunch break with Japanese member

Road passing of dormouse in Germany.

Road passing of dormouse in Germany.

Participants kept attention to the presentation.

Participants kept attention to the presentation.


Win poster award !  Extra prize is the Hadnbook.


Minato Shusaku, Hiroyuki Komatsu, Koichi Otake, Shinji Oda, Haruka Aiba, Kazuaki Iwamoto, Manami Iwabuchi, Yoshiharu Sato, Junko Sechibaru, Pat Morris
Research and Popularization, for Dormouse Bridge and Animal Pathways as corridor for protecting Arboreal Animals.

Animal-pathway on BBC

The use case of Animal-pathway is introduced by BBC News UK.

PTES(People’s Trust for Endangered Species)build Animal-pathway bridge on the Isle of Wight , National Nature Reserve. Animal-pathway bridge aims for helping the UK’s dwindling dormouse populations. It is inspired by cost effective success cases in Japan. The original design is based on Japanese Animal-pathway.

BBC News: Japanese inspired bridge sparks hope for Britain’s dormouse